Welcome to Bigfoot Consulting and proven ways to build more valuable business relationships.

The power of relationships

We all work in a highly complex, competitive environment where the bar has never been higher. The ground is always moving beneath our feet and yet we are accountable. Most of what we do is measured in some way

As a result the impact of any commercial lever under our control needs to be optimised. And the ability to establish and maintain fully functioning relationships is one such lever and a supremely important one at that

Which is where I come in – helping business to business service providers and buyers grow and succeed by building stronger, more valuable, longer-term relationships

Are you?

  • An ambitious SME looking to maximise opportunities for growth?
  • A project-based business keen to stay on your clients’ radar screens to keep the work coming?
  • A marketing services agency where the emphasis on relationship management needs to be greater?
  • A buyer of services who wants to get the best from your agencies?
  • A senior team focusing on resource management to support business retention?
  • A change agent needing an accurate read on your agency’s client portfolio?
  • A professional services firm interested in benefiting from best practice in marketing services?
  • A roster agency needing to maintain or generate competitive advantage?
  • A potential purchaser of a client based business who wants to be sure exactly what you’re buying?
  • An agency leader wanting to know why you keep losing (or winning) pitches?
  • A business at one of those key stages, needing to clarify and simplify your communications strategy?
  • A senior individual or team desiring some independent, experienced communications input?

Then I can help

Call on +44 7942 070554 or email me at paul@bigfootconsulting.co.uk and let’s talk.

But first, read what others have said about working with me and where I add value.