Unleashing the Power of Relationships

We are experts in helping business-to-business service providers and buyers build stronger, more valuable, longer-term relationships. We can help your business with:

Common Questions Bigfoot Can Help to Answer

  1. We have good client relationships – and people to manage them – but could they be better?
  2. We are close to our clients but what do they really think about us?
  3. We are a technology-focused company and have not placed sufficient emphasis on the influence of relationships in growing the business.
  4. We are a project-based business and have underestimated the benefits of establishing a stronger relationship footprint within client organisations.
  5. We don’t have the skills or resources to manage relationships effectively.
  6. Why did we win that pitch? Why didn’t we win that pitch?
  7. As a management team we need to optimise relationships with each other, the better to lead our staff and provide a consistent voice to stakeholders.
  8. We are planning an acquisition and want to know what the clients of the target business think of it.
  9. Our client/customer development training tends to be theoretical and doesn’t change behaviour.
  10. Our clients want us to understand their business better.

How Can Bigfoot Help?

Contact me and let me explore what Bigfoot can do for your business.