Relationship Optimisation

Getting the Best out of Each Other

Take advantage of a bespoke service that helps everyone involved in commercial relationships get the best out of each other. I’ve helped improve the performance of relationship owners in service providers and service buyers at, for example, Fallon, Kantar, Populus and KPMG.

My approach is flexible, robust and collaborative, based on a highly effective programme of client/customer interviews. The overall process tends to follow these stages:

  1. Orientation – briefing and agreement of outcomes
  2. Immersion – question set design and interviews
  3. Distillation – reporting and recommendations
  4. Implementation – actions and commitments

I deliver the significant benefits of experienced, expert, third-party intervention. I ask the right questions of the right people in the right way at the right time. I know how to listen and can interpret nuances and volume levels.

In talking to a credible, independent intermediary, and when temporarily released from the day-to-day demands of a relationship, those involved become more candid, expansive and specific.  In most cases, the process itself adds value to relationships, and can be differentiating.

Critically, what I do in providing intelligent, actionable solutions not only saves my clients money, it can also make them money.

Contact me and let Bigfoot help you get the best from your business relationships.