Yet again the COVID juggernaut is on the move. We are observing scientific analysis of the new Omicron variant in real time. And while we wait for a verdict, governments are piling in with countermeasures, to a mix of support and criticism.

This does feel like a drill for how living with the virus will roll for the foreseeable future. It would, however, be gratifying to marvel at a global community making a coordinated effort rather than every nation appearing to look out for itself while hanging southern Africa out to dry in the process.

Who knows, though, maybe some good will come of this if the unvaccinated minority finally join the multi-jabbed majority and if we can reboot our mildly inconvenient but influential social behaviours that communicate to each other that we are doing our bit.

Fingers crossed that the existing immunity shield remains fit for purpose and that we can avoid more dramatic disruptions to our economic and everyday lives.

From my experience as a business relationship consultant, the fear is that opening up lurches into reverse just as it’s getting going. The context here are recent conversations, with both client and agency team members, who are acknowledging the impact of COVID upon business relationships.

Changes in ways of working since last March have undoubtedly witnessed changes in relationships, with more focus over that period on the transactional than the relational.

Woven into this too is the recognition that leaders over the past 18+ months have on balance (and necessarily) been working in the business rather than working on the business. One CMO summarised this by referring to what had remained unsaid and undone since the pandemic hit.

My faith in medical science remains strong, my glass half full and, as such, I can confidently recommend that the coming months represent a good time for checking that key business relationships are in the shape they need to be for tackling important times ahead.

And I can help. This is my area of expertise.

Fully functioning business relationships, unburdened by the unsaid and the undone, are fundamental to achieving goals and driving growth.