At Freedman International we had identified that our corporate communication was far from ideal being inconsistent, uninvolving, and of poor quality.  Most seriously of all it neither reflected where we were as a business nor our ambitions to be a leader in our sector.  These shortcomings were negatively influencing our external perceptions and client attractiveness as well as our ability to motivate and involve our own staff.  The Board decided that this was a priority for change and that we would need the best help available.

We retained Paul to spearhead this important initiative, reporting directly to the CEO.  Progress was rapid as Paul swiftly became “one of us” working with all levels of the business to develop a coherent, comprehensive and stimulating summary of our requirement which he then transformed into a creative brief geared to driving a suite of communication materials from positioning and design guidelines, web and social media and stationery and presentation templates.  The results were transformative and exceeded our most bullish expectations.  For the first time, we were able to articulate our service proposition as visionary and strategically valuable in addition to core abilities to “do stuff”.  The positive effect of this was as important internally aligning our staff as it was working with prospects, clients and business partners.

Charles KirchnerCEOMarketing Logic Ltd