In a world of well-meaning relationship consultants who haven’t themselves ‘served time’ in relevant shoes, Paul is that rare thing: someone who doesn’t just spot problems (and opportunities!) but knows what to do next and how to do it.  His agency experience stands him in especially good stead as someone who instinctively treasures long term relationships but also understands that mending is needed from time to time.

He is able to see patterns where others don’t and, in doing so, to help create a culture where relationships are prioritised and flourish.

He advised Fallon at a classic inflection point: a 10 year old creative boutique suddenly serving a dozen or so big blue chip clients. He helped us not just to navigate the falls but also to become more self-aware as a service business, to train some new muscles and to systemise our relationship-building.  (In the nicest way, I suspect he prides himself on never being needed again.)

Laurence Green Founding Partner101